Introducing new version of Simple Quality UI for Angular!

We are super excited to announce the release of ng-sq-ui 1.1.0!

Here’s what’s new:

Separated all standalone modules as packages. You can now install only what you need – @sq-ui/ng-sq-common, @sq-ui/ng-datatable, @sq-ui/ng-datetime-picker, @sq-ui/ng-modal.

NEW feature @sq-ui/ng-datatable!
The datatable you need,readily available as a standalone package, no other stuff required!

Documentation Updates!
As of this release, we have multiple packages and the documentation is now better structured to represent those.

Updated examples!
All gif images are removed. Instead, Stackblitz examples are provided for each feature and module.

List of all Stackblitz examples:

Deployment updates!
We have improved our automatic deployment and the latest version of the documentation will be available on We have also revamped out live examples app which you can now find on!

Communication updates!
Added community for public releases.
Added new slack channel for general SQ-UI discussions (Spoiler: at some point this year, we’d try to release SQ-UI for Vue as well! We’d love to hear your suggestions and/or opinions!)

Old NG-SQ-UI slack channel ( will be left for development needs and Angular-specific development.
New contact email:

Statistics for the current release
101 Commits, 52 PRs, 92 files changed, and a ton of code added 😀

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