Regular expressions, React 16.8, and Vue.js 2.6

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What Hooks Mean for Vue — Hooks aren’t just for React users, you know. Vue got its own proof of concept equivalent quickly thereafter (a final version is due in Vue 3.0) – here’s why, and how they work.

Sarah Drasner

Pika/Pack: A New Approach to npm Package Building — Pack connects pre-configured plugins (e.g. Babel and Rollup) to build and optimize your package for you. It’s a bit like a webpack or Parcel but specifically for building npm packages.

Fred K. Schott

Vue 2.6 Released — Also known as “Macross”, Vue 2.6 includes new syntax for scoped slots, improved error handling, and more.

Evan You

What’s Coming in V8 Release v7.3 — Coming to future releases of Node and Chrome near you, the latest version of the popular JavaScript engine includes async stack tracks by default, improved performance for await, and some new ES2019 features including Object.fromEntries and String.prototype.matchAll.

Clemens Hammacher

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📘 Articles, Tutorials and Opinions

Garbage Collection in Redux Applications — This won’t apply to most of you, but SoundCloud’s Xbox (yes, Xbox) app is a React and Redux app that runs in a native web view wrapper and due to Xbox related limitations a ‘memory leak’ (of sorts) was causing issues.

Jan Monschke (SoundCloud)

TypeIt: A Versatile Fake-Typing Effect — Bills itself as ‘the most versatile JavaScript typewriter utility on the planet’. The demo on the homepage is pretty versatile, that’s for sure.

Alex MacArthur

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