New ES2018 features worth knowing (with examples)

New ES2018 Features Every JavaScript Developer Should Know — ES2018 wasn’t as huge a leap forward as ES6, but this post is packed with interesting examples of spread properties within object literals, asynchronous iterators and asynchronous iterables, Promise.prototype.finally, and other new features.

Faraz Kelhini

Frontiers 2019: Explore New Ways to Build Apps on Slack — Frontiers is a Slack conference exploring the future of work. In the developer track, you’ll get immersive training on new functionality and hands-on workshops for app builders at all development stages. Register today for early bird pricing.


2018 JavaScript Rising Stars — An annual roundup of which JavaScript projects did well in terms of GitHub stars over the prior year in various categories. It’s a bit of a popularity contest but it’s nice to get a feel for what’s going on.

Michael Rambeau

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Defensive JavaScript“How to write code that doesn’t do what it oughtn’t”

Mike Samuel (Google)

Things Dan Abramov Doesn’t Know — React core team member and the creator of Redux wants you to realize that “even your favorite developers may not know many things that you know” and shares his own list of blind spots.

Dan Abramov

Aurelia 2018 Year in Review — Not just a look back but a look at what’s happening this year too with the component-oriented client framework.

Rob Eisenberg

DoneJS 3 Released — DoneJS is a framework for building high performance, real-time web and mobile apps and version 3 aims to provide ‘best in class server-side rendering’.

Matthew Phillips

Libraries To Help You Work with WebGL — Working with WebGL directly can get very verbose and technical quickly, but luckily there are libraries and toolkits to make it easier.

Arek Nawo

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