Top Frameworks and Topics to Learn in 2019, Electron 4.0, and AVA 1.0

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Frontend Masters

Electron 4.0 Released — Electron is a popular project from GitHub that’s heavily used to create desktop apps with modern Web technologies (such as VS Code and Slack’s desktop client). 4.0 introduces some new features but notably bumps up the underlying dependencies to Chromium 69, Node 10.11, and V8 6.9.

Michelle Tilley

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📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Fancy Function Parameters — The process behind making an opaque function call easier to understand using objects and optional arguments.

Jake Dohm

Running Node.js 11 on AWS Lambda — With Lambda’s new Layers feature and custom runtimes you can now build your own custom artifacts, enabling you to share and manage common code between serverless functions.

Adnan Rahic

AVA 1.0: A Powerful Test Runner for Node — AVA is a test runner with a concise API, detailed error output, and process isolation that let you write tests more effectively. You may find the README more useful than these release notes if you aren’t familiar with it yet though.

Mark Wubben and Sindre Sorhus

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