Storybook 4.0, the evolution of async JavaScript, and a new JS podcast

Storybook 4.0: The UI Component Workshop — A great tool for building UI components gets a major update which includes support for webpack 4 & Babel 7, React Native, Ember, Svelte, Riot, and more, plus improvements for existing React, Vue and Angular users. If you’re not familiar with Storybook, learn more here.

Michael Shilman

Planning an Angular Application: Whitepaper — Angular devs—take a look at this checklist of things to consider when planning your next Angular app. Make an informed decision about tooling choices during development all the way through to deployment. Get your free copy today.

Progress Kendo UI

The Evolution of Async JavaScript — A practical break down of the pros and cons of three common JavaScript mechanisms: callbacks, promises, and async/await, along with their significance and progression from a historical context.

Tyler McGinnis

Could We Eventually Use JavaScript with AMP? — AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) removes the ability to use JavaScript in order to improve performance, but there’s now a project looking at a way to provide a constrained environment for JavaScript to render things like interactive UI components within an AMP page.

AMP Project

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

📘 Tutorials and Opinions

A Simple Intro to React Hooks — Learn how React’s new Hooks feature works, and how Hooks can make your code cleaner and easier to write.

Dave Ceddia

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