The 2 main reasons why you will choose a Custom Card Accessory

“I forget it!” It is happening to every one of us and this is a reality that no one can get away! 

Although you are already walking down the stairs to your workplace and ready to start your day, but, while walking to the front door, you reach for your ID badge and it is nowhere to be found, it is not there in your bag and in your pockets! And so you forgot that ID badge! Don’t worry. Everybody does, but, forgetting an ID badge will seriously cause you problems, both with the security personnel and with your employer.


Forgetting things is already a part of us, humans! We have so many things going on inside our brains where things are bound into slipping through the cracks. Obviously, the simplest solution is to assist your employees to stop from forgetting their badges. Well, this is simpler in saying than doing! And there are some steps that you may take to assist the employees in remembering to take their credentials. Here are some tips that will help but not eliminate the issues with badges being forgotten by the employees and this will just decrease the frequency of forgotten badges.

1. Let them select how they are going to hold or carry it.

Many companies will issue the employee ID badges and something that will carry it, like a lanyard or an ID badge reel. This may appear convenient, but the ID accessories are not always that “one kind fits all” solution. There are some people who think that lanyards are silly while some are being interrupted by the strap clips while they are walking around their workspace. Giving employees their options will assist them in making it more fun to wear just like wearing an accessory, and in this turn; this will make it more likely to remember.


2. Embarrass them a bit, but in a good funny way!

Before you take this tip in the wrong way, let us be reminded that you have to make some good intentions and just being playful with your employees while giving them some lessons to learn.

Many companies are giving their employees a badge that can be used as a temporary one for that day only, but when the company will keep on providing temporary IDs, their forgetful employees, then they will just keep on forgetting and will just depend on the temporary IDs. Except the employee will suffer the consequences of their forgetfulness, then it will inculcate in their mind, and will learn their lessons, plus will solve the “I forget” scenery.


The best sample for this is, provide your employee a temporary ID badge but a different one. Make an ID for the forgetful ones that will match the manner with the standard employee badge, but place a distinctive mark. Place a “question mark” as their photo and write the text “I forgot my own badge!” as their name. Take it a move further and let it be worn on together with an obnoxiously dazzling lanyard. With things like this, it will really work then, but with a sense of humor that will hit them. With this little fun way of wearing ID badges, this “Ms. Forgot my badge” will surely remember her badge next time and will not forget it anymore for sure, for nobody would want to wear an ID badge that has a distinctive description of you! Now, you already teach them lessons and at the same time, there had a bit of fun for a day in your workplace!

This idea is also best for employees that are often late, absent, always working half days and usually asking for under time at work. Just change the unique description to another unique caption depending on what was the performance is, like a different illustration for being late and so forth. Attach this second ID badge to the ID card and let hang the next day after his deeds from yesterday. This helps both the company and the employee’s performance too.

3. Make the badges do a lot than being only an ID.

Most of the companies use their ID badges simply for identification and it is just hangs around the neck, forgotten and without any function for eight hours, and will be unclip when going home. It doesn’t actually function, but just a plain “must wear ID” policy.


Some ways that can make it a not forgotten item like cell phones and wallets is to make it more functional and here are some of the means: 

1. Upgrade the ID badge to a punch-in ID to start the day of their shift

2. Use the ID to unlock doors that are for “employee only”.

3. Use it to make some discounts when making purchases or during snack time.

By doing some of these, the employees will remember their badges because if not, they cannot have a “punch-in time for the day”, “will not enter a door” and will “not have discounts” at all! This is proven effective and helpful, try it now!

4. Attach the ID badges to the cell phones.

Cell phones now are considered a part of their body just like their heart or stomach. People in every walk of life and in whatever age they may be in now, are starting their day by checking what time it is when they woke up or by simply checking if there are some important missed calls and texts. With the ID badge stick together with the employee cell phone, is surely one of the best ways now to decrease the instances of an ID badge to be forgotten. After all, going out now without a cell phone is like going out without clothing.


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